Final Examinations


Comprehensive final examinations may be administered only on the date and time prescribed in the online university final exam schedule.

Comprehensive examinations may not be given on the last regular day of class or during the reading period. No mandatory activities or assessments of any kind may be scheduled during the reading period. Examinations which cover a limited portion of the coursework may be given during the last regular class period.  Students must be notified of the type of examinations to be given in the course as well as each examination’s percentage of the course grade. This information, along with scheduled dates and times, should be included in the course syllabus.

The comprehensive final examination in a course should be given as scheduled and not at other times, even if the faculty member and all students in a course agree to such a change.  However, students who have more than two exams in one calendar day, or two examinations at the same time, may reschedule.  Students should contact the instructors as early in the semester as possible, no less than one week prior to the last class meeting, to resolve any scheduling issues.

If a resolution cannot be reached, students should contact their advising center.  The dean’s office is responsible for enforcing the final exam policy and resolving any conflicts or issues.