Students unable to complete course work because of conditions beyond their control may request the grade I, which stands for Incomplete, so that the work can be completed after the end of the semester.  Such conditions include hospitalizations, death in immediate family, and prolonged sickness.  The grade I may not be used solely to extend the available time in a semester for students who fall behind for reasons under their control. 

The grade I may be assigned at the discretion of the course instructor if all of the following conditions are met:

  • The majority of the course work was completed prior to the end of the semester;
  • The student is in good standing to pass the course upon successful completion of the remaining work;
  • The final portion of the course work could not be completed for reasons beyond the student’s control.

If requested to do so, the student must supply the instructor with documentation of the extenuating circumstances.  The instructor is encouraged to provide to the student a written statement of the expectations and requirements for completing the course work.

Students must complete the course work no later than the last day of classes for the next semester.  If the work is completed by the deadline, the instructor submits a change of grade from I to the letter grade earned. The change of grade form must be submitted by the instructor to the registrar’s office by the last day to submit grades for the semester when the student’s completed coursework was due.  Failure of the student to complete the work by the deadline will result in an automatic change of grade from I to F unless the dean’s office grants an extension.

Students may not graduate with an I grade on the transcript.  Students with an incomplete should not register again for the course.  An I carries no quality points until it is changed to a letter grade.