Chemical Engineering (MEng)

Admission Standards

Since the Chemical Engineering MEng is accredited as part of a five-year program with one-year of co-op experience, it is only available for students who have matriculated through the Chemical Engineering bachelor degree program at Speed School. 

The application form is available online.

The requirements for admission or readmission to a master of engineering program are:

1. Submission of a completed MEng application for the field of specialization in which the student is earning a bachelor degree from the J.B. Speed School of Engineering. Students can be admitted to the MEng program with fewer than thirteen (13) credit hours of BS degree requirements remaining and no later than two years post-conferral of their baccalaureate degree;

2. Recommendation by the faculty and chair of the student’s department for admission or readmission to graduate studies;

3. Cumulative baccalaureate grade point average of 2.75. However, those students with cumulative baccalaureate grade-point averages from 2.50 to 2.75 may be admitted upon petition and approval of the chair and faculty of the department.

A student becomes a candidate for the master of engineering degree upon admission to graduate studies and initial registration as a graduate student.

Program Requirements

The Master of Engineering in Chemical Engineering degree requires the following over and above the Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering Degree.
CHE 595Master of Engineering Seminar in Chemical Engineering1
CHE 610Advanced Thermodynamics3
CHE 620Transport Phenomena I3
CHE 641Advanced Reactor Design3
CHE 686Chemical Engineering Analysis3
Technical Electives 1,212
Select one of the following: 6
Thesis Alternative:
Master of Engineering Thesis in Chemical Engineering 3
Non-thesis Alternative:
Engineering Project Fundamentals I
Engineering Project Fundamentals II
Minimum Total Hours31

The Master of Engineering (MEng) degree must be completed with a 3.00 GPA or better for all graduate courses used to satisfy degree requirements. Additionally, the Master of Engineering degree must be completed with a 3.00 GPA or better for all academic work attempted in Graduate Studies.

A maximum of eight (8) credit hours of graduate level courses taken as an undergraduate may be used to satisfy MEng degree requirements; these courses cannot have been used to also satisfy BS degree requirements. 


Electives must be chosen so that at least one-half of the total credits counted toward the degree, exclusive of thesis, are 600 level.


Technical Electives can be CHE or non-CHE courses. Non-CHE courses must be approved by the student's research or academic advisor.


For the thesis alternative, a student is required to select both an approved MEng thesis topic and the director and members of the thesis committee during the first term of Graduate Studies. The thesis director must give approval for enrollment in CHE 697